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Finding Information About Legal Rights

Links to web sites that will help you learn about your legal rights.

Information About the Law

Find information about County, State, and Nationwide laws and regulations. Find resources for research about laws and legislature.

Filing a Case in Court/Look for Court Forms

Find legal forms and documents to file a case in court. This includes Civil Issues, Divorce, Family Issues, Criminal Cases, and Domestic Issues.

Finding Out About a Filed Court Case

Find information about court cases through the Washington Courts.

A Lawyer for a Non-Criminal (civil) Case

Find civil case lawyers from the Washington State Bar Association, the Office of Civil Legal Aid, and other Civil Legal Aid Providers.

A Lawyer for a Criminal Case

Find criminal case lawyers from the Washington State Office of Public Defense and the Washington State Bar Association.

Learning About Government Benefits

Learn about and apply for state and federal government benefits.

Other Courts and Services From the Court

Find information about court access for persons with disabilities, interpreter services, language access, guardianship, special courts, support for victims of domestic violence and drivers licenses.