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Self-help Resources

Washington LawHelp (Self-Help Legal Information Center)
For help learning about your civil (non-criminal) legal rights and representing yourself in a wide range of legal issues including:

Some resources are available in languages other than English.

Other Resources

Crime Victims Compensation
State-run program providing compensation if you have been a victim of a crime.  Has information on how to make a claim.

Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board
Learn the rules about when and why certain groups of offenders are released from prison, and what happens when they break rules of probation.  Learn also about services for crime victims who may be affected when an offender is released into the community. 

Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Learn more about insurance products and practices allowed in Washington and how to file a complaint against both insurance companies and insurance agents.

Washington State Attorney General's Office -- Consumer Protection
Learn about state consumer protection laws and how to file a consumer protection complaint with the Office of the Attorney General.

Washington State Attorney General's Office -- Protection of Senior Citizens and Youth
Learn about how the Attorney General's services for seniors, including protecting seniors from consumer scams and other predatory practices.  Also has information about youth violence, child protection, and sexually violent predators.

Washington State Human Rights Commission
See this website for information on who is protected by state anti-discrimination laws, and when.  Learn how to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission if you believe you have experienced discrimination. 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Learn about U.S. immigration laws, and how to apply for legal residency and citizenship.