A Filed Court Case

Washington Courts: Statewide Search Case Records
Search for basic information about cases that have been filed in any of Washington's state courts.  Use the names of the individuals, organizations or corporations that have been involved in the case.  You may need to contact the specific court for detailed information about the case. 

Washington Courts: Statewide Find My Court Date
Gives you court dates for cases pending in a district or municipal court in Washington state.  Using the drop down menu, choose the court in which your case is pending.  Then fill in your name in the fields listed.

Access to Records of Washington State Administrative Hearings
For information about a case that is pending in or was decided by a state Administrative Law Judge, please contact the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Access to Tribal Court Documents
To find information about a case in tribal court, contact the court where the case is filed.  View a list of Tribal Courts in Washington State.